Club & Covid-19

Updated – 23rd March 2021

All sailing activities – cruising & racing – at the Club, are now available for members only, as follows:

  • Sundays from 4 April
  • on Thursday evenings from 8 April.
  • on Saturdays from 17 April.

There will be no specific limit on numbers, but the OODs will have the right to refuse entry if the number present becomes unsafe or unmanageable. Persons on the shore must not form groups of more than 6 or two households. There is no need to book in advance, but all attending will be required to sign in and sign out for the purposes of tracking and tracing.

Volunteers for safety boat crews – OODs A & B – are needed for both Saturdays and Sundays. OOD ‘C’ – to manage the shore base – will be required on Sundays only until the end of April. Please volunteer via the Dutyman system. No specific maximum will be set for windspeed, but the OODs will, as normal, have the right to prevent or stop sailing if they feel that conditions are unsafe.

The Club will open at 10:00 and close at 18.00 (latest, depending on attendance and conditions).On Sundays until the end of April, the OOD C will give a Covid briefing at 10:30, before anyone goes afloat.

No non-sailing members, guests or visitors, other than responsible adults supervising children, are permitted at the Club. Until otherwise informed, sailors must either arrive dressed to sail or change at/in their vehicles – the changing rooms and showers are not to be used – see the facilities section below.

Members are advised to monitor the guidance provided by the RYA via its website:

Further detail on activities at the Club are provided below.

Considerations and controls

Unless otherwise indicated below, or authorised by the SBSC Committee following relaxations in the COVID regulations, the measures below will apply to club activities until Step 4 of the UK Government COVID-19 Response- Spring 2021 is reached.  Step 4 is currently projected to start no earlier than the 21st June 2021. Further detail on activities at the Club are provided below.


  • When on site you must maintain social distancing at all times (2m where possible, where not possible observe the advice for 1m plus distancing).
  • Everyone must follow the RYA advice to be conservative and considerate in their actions around the club.
  • Members from different households may crew a boat provided that the RYA guidance for mixed household boat crews is followed.
  • Until the end of April the communication and compliance of Covid-19 measures will be managed by the OOD C who may close the site if control measures are flouted – the OOD C is an additional duty to the normal OOD presence afloat. From May onwards the OODs A and B are responsible for maintaining COVID measures.
  • Members should bring their own equipment wherever possible to avoid using club equipment.
  • There will be no limit on attendance at the club however the OODs have the authority to prevent entry if they consider that the number of people on site may cause a breach of COVID regulations.
  • SAFEGUARDING – Young people under 18 years old need to have a carer or nominated responsible adult on site while they on site. If they require assistance with rigging, launch and recovery consider:
    • Should they be sailing under conservative and considerate COVID precautions?
    • Assistance should only be given to them by members of their own household bubble.

Reducing the risk of virus transmission

  • When on site you must:
    • wash/ sanitise your hands after touching common surfaces and always after coughing, sneezing and before and after arriving and on leaving the club. The club will provide facilities for members to wash and/or sanitise their hands
    • cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and avoid touching your face, nose and eyes
    • keep your distance and avoid being <2m from people outside of your household ‘bubble’ wherever possible – where not possible to observe 1m+ advice
    • not share water bottles or food. The galley and other facilities, except for handwashing and toilets, will remain closed at all times.
  • All common surfaces such as door handles / taps / flush levers will be sprayed with disinfectant before opening and after the club is used.
  • Club house external doors to male and female toilets will be opened and left secured open by the OODs and toilet area windows opened to ensure they are well ventilated. Until further authorisation is issued only one member should use either toilet at a time. The OODs will close the external doors only after sailing is completed, disinfecting handles, taps, toilet flush, and window handles etc.
  • The main club house, training shed and changing rooms are not to be used until authorisation is given by the Club Committee.

Decision on whether to attend the club:

  • Anyone who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19 must not attend the Club.
  • Anyone who has contact with a family or household member who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19 to avoid attending the Club for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Do not attend the Club if displaying Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Do not attend the Club if you have been advised to self-isolate.
  • If anyone has been contacted by the “track and trace” scheme and advised to self-isolate, they should not come to the Club for 14 days.
  • Until Step 3 of the COVID Response (gatherings of 30 people allowed outdoors) members should only attend the club to go sailing, manage sailing activity or accompany a youth sailor. Do not attend the Club for social contact or to spectate.


  • Non-members are not permitted on the site.
  • On arrival all members must pass through the boat shed to sign in (single use pens), sanitise hands and read the operating procedures.
  • On departure, all members must follow the one way route to access the car park.
  • Until authorised otherwise are not to use any of the clubhouse facilities apart from changing rooms for:
    • Toilets
    • Handwashing
  • Club sailing equipment (Buoyancy aids / boat equipment) issued to individuals is not to be re-used for at least 72 hours:
    • The training shed and secure store must only be accessed by an OOD
    • Rented equipment may only be collected from stores by an OOD and issued for single use
    • After sailing, used equipment should be left by the OODs in the entrance to the training shed. Any used equipment will stowed on the racks for re-use by the OODs at the start of a following sailing session at least 72 hours later.

Rigging area, Pontoons and slipways

  • Rig as far as possible in your dinghy park space.
  • If you must finish rigging in the rigging area at the top of the slipway, aim to maintain 2m social distancing with anyone outside your household. Boats and crews should stay 2m apart at all times.
  • Only approach the slipways when intending to launch your boat as soon as possible.
  • Where marked, follow the way system round the outside of the main clubhouse– follow directions on the ground.
  • When launching boat crews should manage their own launching trolleys so that others do not have to touch them when launching or recovering their own boats, either:
    • Launch and ground your dinghy on the slip while you clear your trolley
    • Launch and tie to the pontoon then sort out your trolley immediately.
  • If sailors are unable to sort out their own trolley and it is left blocking the launch and recovery area then the OODs may move a trolley but must not hold the handle– hold the trolley by the axle or frame to move it to a safe place.
  • Young people should only be assisted by members of their household during rigging, launching and recover. Responsible adults or carers should consider carefully whether young people are competent to cope under COVID precautions.