Club & Covid-19

Updated – 29th July 2021


On 19 July, 2021, the Government removed almost all the regulations it imposed to control the Covid-19 virus and, instead, urged people to behave responsibly in order to minimise transmission of the virus, using ‘Hands, Face, Space’ as a prompt to good practices. The Club has decided to reflect this approach.
As general guidelines, all persons attending the Club are encouraged to wash or sanitise their hands frequently using the solutions provided, wear masks in confined spaces and avoid close personal contacts.

Specific requirements are:

  1. Not to attend if suffering from Covid-19 symptoms, had contact with someone with Covid-19 within the previous 10 days, or have been advised or required to self-isolate. Members vulnerable to the virus by virtue of age or underlying health conditions should consider whether it is advisable to attend.
  2. To sanitise hands and sign in at the boat shed on arrival. Also to sign out if leaving early, i.e. before the close of activities.
  3. Not to cough, sneeze, shout or exhale vigorously in close proximity to others and to use masks and handkerchiefs to reduce the projection of droplets.
  4. To avoid close contacts, whether standing or sitting, in particular to avoid prolonged face-to-face situations.
  5. Not to congregate in confined spaces, e.g. the race hut.
  6. To make the best use of the changing rooms, avoiding spaces adjacent to those in use and passing in choke points.
  7. Not to return crockery or cutlery to the galley, but to leave them at a designated collection point or on a table.
  8. To continue to be considerate on the water, avoiding capsizes where possible and other causes for the OODs to render assistance at close quarters.
  9. Diplomatically, to encourage others to comply with these guidelines. 

Additionally OODs should:

  1. Open all doors and windows to allow maximum ventilation and to close them before leaving.
  2. Use the Dettol aerosols to sanitise all likely touch points at the start and end of sailing sessions including: taps, cistern levers and door handles.
  3. Ensure that sanitising materials are available to members for personal use and to use for sanitising hire boats and equipment if they deem it necessary.

The above guidance will be kept under review and updated as necessary.